College life

Your packing list for college

When your student moves into their on-campus college dorm room, they won’t be able to bring everything from home, so what should they pack for college? While every college dorm experience is different, there are still some basic essentials that every student needs for college. They’ll need to decide on personal items, but this general dorm essentials checklist will get them on the right track when they’re packing. Let’s get started!

How to take notes in college

Your student will discover that college differs from high school in many ways. But some things never change — like having to take notes. Sure, they probably have some experience with note-taking from high school, but they’ll likely have to take a lot more notes in college. 

So we’re sharing some tips you can share with them to make their note-taking more efficient and effective. 

Here’s how to rock college move-in day

The day has finally arrived — your student is moving into their college dorm. “Freedom … total freedom!” Although that may be what your student is thinking, they’re also probably a bit unsure, nervous and anxious. What new beginning doesn’t conjure up those feelings? 

One of the best ways to help your student ease their mind is to make sure they’re prepared. Here’s our take on how to make college move-in day a success.

Top financial aid questions and answers

Financial aid can be a godsend in helping to pay for college. But figuring out the process of applying for and receiving aid can almost feel like you’re learning a new language. That’s why we’ve put together a list of some of the top financial aid questions and answers asked after applying for financial aid. And remember — there is always someone who can help no matter where your student is in the financial aid process. Just connect with the college’s financial aid office.


What you should know about college

Your student probably has a lot of stuff to think about before starting college. But aside from the things that are naturally top of mind, such as which schools to apply to, where they’ll be living and what they want to major in, there are a lot of other things your student should consider that might be less obvious. 

Here's our, what to know about college before beginning your first semester, list.

Campus safety during COVID-19

The global pandemic has affected many aspects of our lives, and college is no exception. In order to protect students, faculty and staff from COVID-19, some things have had to change. But your student can still have a safe on-campus college experience. Colleges across the country have adapted to make it easier for students to socially distance and stay healthy while on campus. 

Resume building guide

One important way your student can get a jump start in their career development is building their resume. Their resume tells employers a lot about them but making it easier for the interviewer to get eye-catching details can be a challenge. Here are some benefits of creating the best resume:

15 skills for college success

Succeeding in college doesn’t just mean sitting in class, taking notes and doing well on exams. Possessing certain skills will help your student be successful in all aspects of college — inside and outside the classroom. Take a look at this list of skills your student should start developing in preparation for college.

Steps to digital learning success

As colleges and universities across the country are adapting to the impacts of COVID-19, most are taking steps to continue to offer classes in formats designed to keep students safe. As such, many are moving to a digital format — either fully online or through a mix of in-person and remote classes.

As the parent of a college student, it’s likely your student will be taking at least a few remote classes this fall. If they’ve never taken virtual classes before, we have some tips and tools to help them succeed.