Preparing for college

6 easy scholarship tips

Your student probably knows that scholarships are one of the best ways to pay for college. After all, it’s free money that they don’t have to pay back. But they may not know some of the ins and outs of scholarships, such as when to start searching for them or that your student may need to meet certain criteria to keep them. 

Below are six easy tips for your student to keep in mind as they seek out and apply for scholarships.

How to begin a college search

If your student will start their college search soon, they might be feeling a little overwhelmed. There are literally thousands of colleges and universities out there. And even if they’re staying in state, there may still be dozens of schools for them to choose from.

Where do they begin? Here are three ways your student can start narrowing down a seemingly infinite list of colleges to something more manageable.

How to pick a minor

College majors seem to get all the attention (and for good reason, of course). But their little-known younger sibling — the minor — can be almost as important to your student’s academic experience.

In most cases, pursuing a minor is optional, however a minor may be a requirement of your student's college or university to successfully complete their program and graduate. Either way, a minor will be worth the minor amount of planning it will take. 

Your packing list for college

When your student moves into their on-campus college dorm room, they won’t be able to bring everything from home, so what should they pack for college? While every college dorm experience is different, there are still some basic essentials that every student needs for college. They’ll need to decide on personal items, but this general dorm essentials checklist will get them on the right track when they’re packing. Let’s get started!

How to take notes in college

Your student will discover that college differs from high school in many ways. But some things never change — like having to take notes. Sure, they probably have some experience with note-taking from high school, but they’ll likely have to take a lot more notes in college. 

So we’re sharing some tips you can share with them to make their note-taking more efficient and effective. 

Exploring what to study

Your student’s college decision isn’t only about which school they’re going to choose — it also includes which major they’re going to pick. The number of program choices they have might seem a bit overwhelming, but you can help them figure out which is the best fit for them. Check out this video to find out how.

Doing what you love

If your student doesn’t know what they want to study, choosing a major can be intimidating.

They may worry that once they choose a major, there’s no turning back. 

The ultimate summer bucket list

College is a big deal. When your student goes off to college, you probably won’t be seeing as much of them as you’re used to. Especially if they’re living on campus or going to school out of town. So take some time to celebrate your student for all their accomplishments and spend some time with them before they enter this new chapter in their lives. You’ll be glad you did. Need some ideas for ways to do this? We’ve got you covered. Here are 10 of our best things to do for your summer send-off with your student.

Top financial aid questions and answers

Financial aid can be a godsend in helping to pay for college. But figuring out the process of applying for and receiving aid can almost feel like you’re learning a new language. That’s why we’ve put together a list of some of the top financial aid questions and answers asked after applying for financial aid. And remember — there is always someone who can help no matter where your student is in the financial aid process. Just connect with the college’s financial aid office.