ASU for You

Arizona State University is here to support K-12 parents, teachers and students in navigating a new normal with the information, tools and resources needed to make choices that support student success and personal health.

ASU for You offers a library of curated resources that can help keep K-8 and high school students on track. We invite you to explore our playbook for educators, where you’ll find an array of resources and solutions — from innovative education and teaching technologies to support remote learning to COVID-19 management strategies to help maintain safe learning environments within your classrooms and campuses.

ASU For You is part of ASU’s ongoing commitment to take fundamental responsibility for the communities we serve and provide access to all learners, anywhere in the world. Resources are being added regularly, and we encourage you to share them with your fellow educators, family and friends.

I hope you find these tools helpful. If you would like to learn more, I am happy to provide you with more information or get you connected to the team. Please email me at


Michael M. Crow
Arizona State University