Going to college is a significant life transition. There are so many program and degree options to choose from. How can students narrow down these options and turn career interests into a college major? We're committed to helping your student stay on track to go to college and decide what to study.


How to begin a college search

How to begin a college search

Choosing the right college is hard, especially if your student doesn’t know where to start. We can help them take the first steps.

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Choosing a minor in college

How to pick a minor

Your student is probably in the process of choosing their major, if they haven’t already. But have they considered earning a minor, too?

A minor decision

How to take notes in college

How to take notes in college

Share these tips with your student on how to become a noteworthy note-taker.

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What to study in college

Exploring what to study

Your student may be struggling to pick a major that’s right for them. You can help them weigh the choices to find their perfect fit.

Making a major decision

CLEP Examinations

Everything you need to know about CLEP examinations

Did you know your student can get ahead and earn college credit just by taking a test? Learn more about CLEP exams.

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Computer science majors

Jobs for computer science majors

Computer science as a major opens the doors to a lot of different jobs. Discover what your student can do with a computer science degree.

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Political science major

Jobs for political science majors

A political science degree can take your student many places. Find out what career fields they can enter with one.

Careers in political science

College preparation checklist

How to prepare for college

College will be here before you know it. Start preparing early. We’re here for you every step of the way.


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University honors college

What's the big deal about honors colleges, anyway?

Does your student have visions of the Ivy Leagues? Before they apply, encourage them to explore honors colleges.

What's honors college?

Communication major

Jobs for communication majors

The study of communication is a valuable skill. Discover some of the degree and career paths that communication majors can pursue.

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Jobs for social science majors

Jobs for social science majors

Discover the many degree options and career paths for social science majors.

Social science rules

Chemistry majors

Jobs for chemistry majors

Explore some of the most common chemistry-related college majors and the career paths your student could pursue.


Science rocks

Jobs for art majors

Jobs for art majors

There are a wide variety of potential career paths for students majoring in art. Getting a degree in art will help expand their career options and sharpen their artistic skills and critical thinking.

Creative careers for art majors

Jobs for engineering majors

Jobs for engineering majors

The field of engineering includes a wide range of possible careers. See some of the many possibilities for future engineers.

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Benefits of Advanced Placement tests

The advantages of taking AP classes and exams

Learn some reasons why your student should consider taking AP classes and exams. 

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Jobs for business majors

Jobs for business majors

If your student wants to major in business, that’s just the first step. Next, they’ll need to narrow down which of the many areas of business they want to focus on.

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Choosing a major

3 ways to search for a college major

Some students have known what they want to study in college since middle school while others may need some guidance turning passions into a career.

How to search

Transferring to a different university

Transferring to a different university

Everything you need to know about the transfer process, whether your student is in their first year of college or a senior.

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College classrooms

What do college classrooms look like?

College classrooms come in all shapes and sizes. Students learn in traditional lecture halls, outdoors and in professionally simulated environments.

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What you should know about the SAT and ACT

What your student should know about taking the SAT or ACT

Which test to take, what to expect on test day and the registration process.


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Finding a college major

No sweat! Finding a major is easy.

If your student isn’t sure what they want to study in college, they may feel pressure in choosing a major. But our 3-step approach (complete with videos) will help. 

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Preparing for the SAT

Preparing for the SAT and ACT

Share these four steps to help your student make the most of their SAT or ACT test prep.


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Grades and financial aid

How your student’s grades can affect their financial aid

Grades and credit hours can affect your student’s financial aid. Students must meet SAP requirements.

What's SAP?

Picking a college major

Helping your student pick a college major

Choosing a college major might be one of the biggest commitments a high school student has ever been asked to make. Let's talk about how you can help.

How to choose

Study Habits

Supporting good study habits

Having a game plan makes all the difference when it comes to supporting good study habits.

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Taking the SAT or ACT

When to take the ACT or SAT

As part of the admission process, many universities require your student to take the SAT or ACT to be admitted. Knowing when to take the test is important.

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University vs. Community College

University vs. Community college: Where should your student start?

Planning for college is an exciting time for both students and their families, but it’s not always easy to know where to start.

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How to study

5 study tips

To understand course material and earn good grades, studying is just as important as showing up for class.

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