Jobs for computer science majors


Computer science is the study of computer technology, both hardware and software. Computer science majors are exposed to areas such as robotics, artificial intelligence, computer programming, data analysis, web design, cybersecurity and gaming technology. Jobs in the field of computer science include, but certainly aren’t limited to:

Computer programmer

Writes instructional code for computers so software applications can function correctly.

Corporate web developer

Designs slick websites with the latest web features for high-profile companies.

Database administrator (DBA)   

Maintains databases, a collection of structured information, to ensure they run efficiently and securely.

Information security analyst   

Keeps an organization’s computer network secure and protects them from cyber attacks.

Software developer 

Uses creativity to design, develop and test software.   

Software engineer   

Uses engineering principles to build software programs. 

Telecommunications engineering specialist

Keeps people connected by designing voice, video and data systems.

Computer network administrator

Maintains an organization's system of computer networks.

Computer science professor

Teaches students various aspects of computer science.

Computer scientist   

Conducts computer research, develops new products, solves computing problems and more.

Computer systems analyst

Architects solutions to help computer networks run better.  

Information technology manager (IT manager)

Responsible for the IT systems and needs of a company that allow business processes and activities to run smoothly.]