Jobs for political science majors


In academics, political science is the study of government and politics. Yes, political science majors study current events, and throughout their studies come to better understand history and culture; they also learn data analysis methods and statistics for quantitative research used in politics. Career paths include a variety of fields, from lawyer to politician to journalist. Here is a sample of jobs your student can get into with a political science degree.

City Planner

Manages current and future land use needs to help make cities an enjoyable place to live for individuals and families.


Upholds the laws and remains impartial to decide court cases.

Law clerk

Works for a judge conducting legal research, drafting opinions and working with counselors on case management.


Offers legal advice or representation to people involved in legal matters or court cases.

Legal court hearing officer

Similar to a judge, but with a focus on cases involving administrative agencies.


Helps negotiate an agreement or solution between two disputing parties.

Political analyst

Conducts research to analyze policy, political trends and other political matters.


Holds an elected seat and represents constituents in the political arena, locally, state-wide or at the federal level.


Works for a news outlet covering stories and events to provide information to an intended audience.