No sweat! Finding a major is easy.


College is an investment, for sure, and after graduation, students, parents and families all aim to turn that investment into profit or success. Choosing a major is part of that investment equation.

There is a wealth of information online about how to choose a major. We’ve shared a few tips of our own, and we also recommend this article on, an online resume builder and career blog. The article highlights some great questions your student can ask themselves as they begin to explore what to study in college. Questions like:

  • Will they still enjoy it years from now?

  • Is it employable?

  • Will it be around later in life?

  • Will it pay well?

So, to help keep your student going strong down their road to success, we’ve picked some videos to illustrate a three-step approach to picking a major.

Step 1

College major and career quiz: me3®

Students can start learning more about their interests and passions by asking the right questions. Then they can connect those passions and interests to their abilities and values. If that sounds a bit burdensome, don’t worry — there’s a quiz for that!


Step 2

“What’s Your Major?”

Ever wonder what majors students chose and why? See what other students have to say about their majors and why they picked it. Who knows? Watching this video might even get your student’s juices flowing.


Step 3

You Asked: What innovative college majors does ASU offer?

Now, explore what’s out there! It’s time for your student to determine which universities offer the major your student wants to study. They can start here: