What do college classrooms look like?


College classrooms come in all shapes and sizes.

Students do learn in traditional lecture halls, but they aren’t all as big as you might think. At Arizona State University, for example, only 6 percent of classes have more than 100 students in them. Once students get past their introductory courses, they’ll find that the majority of their classes have less than 40 students. 

College classrooms are designed for discussions, and nearly every classroom incorporates technology. This means students in other countries can Skype into a U.S. classroom. 

Classrooms even exist outdoors for some programs. Learning by doing means that classrooms simulate professional environments. Journalism students have classes in working newsrooms and students in science labs can closely examine the human body with Anatomage Tables. 

College classrooms

What do college classrooms look like?

Well ...

There are a few large lecture halls.  

There are smaller size lectures, too.

Classrooms are designed for discussions, and often utilize technology. 

This class is talking to a cohort in China! 

Online classrooms happen virtually.

Take your computer anywhere!

Classrooms mimic real world environments. 

Students get hands-on experiences,

and collaborate on projects.

Some professors make the outdoors their classroom. (outdoor class)

Really cool research happens outside...

and inside.

These are college labs. 

And this? 

It’s totally a class.

Tell us your favorite space to learn!