College life

What to know about college life

After all the hard work and preparation, your student has made it to the first day of classes. Every student’s experience is different, and it can be hard to know what to expect. We have information and advice to help with the transition.



How to study

There are many different ways to study. We’re sharing some of our best tips so your student can make the most of their study sessions.

Taking online or hybrid classes

Technology has brought the prevalence of online and hybrid learning to college campuses. But is that style of learning right for your student?

Your college packing list

Figuring out what to pack for college is always a challenge. That’s why we’re sharing our essential packing list so your student is fully prepared.

How to take notes in college

Share these tips with your student on how to become a noteworthy note-taker.

College Move-in Day

Your student is about to move into their residence hall. Help them get their room ready so they can hit the ground running.

Student Mental Health

College students can be particularly susceptible to mental health challenges. It's okay to have concerns about student mental health. Find out the signs and how you can help your…

Top financial aid questions and answers

Financial aid can be a tough road to navigate, but we’ve got answers to some of the most-asked financial aid questions.

What you should know about college

Your student will learn a lot in college. But they also have a lot to learn before they go to college. Find out what they need to know.

COVID19 College Campus Safety

Find out some of the ways colleges are keeping students safe and healthy in the wake of COVID-19.

Resume Building Guide

Help your student gain an edge when it comes to building their resume. Use this free tool.


Skills for College Success

Is your student really ready to succeed in college? Check out this list for valuable college success skills.


Virtual classrooms

As many colleges and universities move to digital formats, we offer tips for your student to succeed in their remote classes. 

Gap year

So your student wants to take a gap year — here’s the inside scoop on what that’s all about, and how it can benefit your student. 


Here’s why it’s a good idea for your student to find a mentor in high school and college.


College after COVID-19

Listen to a group of esteemed university leaders answer some questions about what we might expect for the fall 2020 semester.

Going to Graduate School

Four reasons why your student should consider graduate school.


Embracing Diversity

Part two of our diversity series shows us that embracing diversity can mean swallowing the fear of not being accepted by others based on differences.

Transferring to a different university

Everything you need to know about the transfer process, whether your student is in their first year of college or a senior.

College classrooms

College classrooms come in all shapes and sizes. Students learn in traditional lecture halls, outdoors and in professionally simulated environments.

Campus diversity

A diverse college campus means students have a range of countries of origin, cultural and ethnic identities, religious beliefs, income levels and political affiliations.

Family Weekend

Bridge the gap between a student’s college experience and family time at family weekend.


Student productivity

Let’s explore the science of productivity with AsapSCIENCE.

Student away from home

Keep in touch with your student and help them manage homesickness. Here's how.

Getting a job

Showing job experience when your student has never had a job. How to help your student get the edge needed to find and land their first real job.

Student success

When it comes to personal growth, knowing that they can improve is key to student success.

Studying abroad

Studying abroad is an amazing experience. It’s a great way for your student to see the world and experience new cultures.

College relationships

Discover what matters most when it comes to success and well-being in life.

First semester of college

This seven-item action plan will help your student be as prepared as possible for their college adventure.

Career goals

Students should start building an amazing resume sooner rather than later.

Student tax filing information

Is your student a dependent according to the IRS? Find out here.


Setting goals

Discover how to help your student achieve their goals. We’ll help you simplify the process.

College summer break

Summer break ideas to help your student make the most of their free time by working toward their future while still having fun.

Identity theft

Identity theft and corporate breaches continue to make the news. Make sure your student is informed about how to stay protected from hackers.

Changes in college student

College will inevitably change your student in a variety of ways. These changes might be welcome changes or they could be drastic, less desirable ones.

Dealing with anxiety

It’s not uncommon at all to feel sad or anxious when your child leaves for college. Here’s how to approach this change.

College life

We’ve all been there. Needs change as your child grows. So what does parenting a college student look and feel like. We asked a parent of four college students.

Best Used Cars

If you're thinking about buying a car for your college student. Consider the cars on our best used cars for college students list.