Here’s how to rock college move-in day


The day has finally arrived — your student is moving into their college dorm. “Freedom … total freedom!” Although that may be what your student is thinking, they’re also probably a bit unsure, nervous and anxious. What new beginning doesn’t conjure up those feelings? 

One of the best ways to help your student ease their mind is to make sure they’re prepared. Here’s our take on how to make college move-in day a success.

Arrive early. Make sure to prop the door open to help make moving in and out a breeze. As a bonus, you’re also being welcoming to other students passing by. This will help your student meet new people. Also, have plenty of snacks and water on hand. Preparing a living space takes energy.

Bring cleaning and decorating supplies. Your student’s room should already be clean, but it’s probably a good idea to bring a few cleaning supplies just to be sure. Wipe everything down and get it smelling fresh. Don’t forget the decorating supplies. Your student might want to bring posters and pictures to hang on the wall. If they do, be sure to have the right supplies on hand (make sure to check with the housing department for any rules they’ll have to adhere to).

Dress comfortably. You’re going to be working. This is no time to look your absolute best. Wear comfy shoes, shorts or sweats (depending on the weather), and be ready to get a bit dirty.

Connect with neighbors. Your student will want to meet and connect with others that live in their dorm. Encourage them to say hi, introduce themself and exchange contact info with other students. It’s important for your student to get to know the people in their living community right out of the gate. 

Go shopping. After seeing their space, there may be a few last-minute room additions your student needs (“Ooh, a blue desk lamp would be perfect there.”), so drop by a nearby store and pick it up. Making sure they have everything they need before the first day of classes will take extra stress off your student. That way, they can focus on navigating their new class schedule.

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