Resume building guide


One important way your student can get a jump start in their career development is building their resume. Their resume tells employers a lot about them, but making it easy and straightforward for the interviewer to get eye-catching details and recognize them as a good match can be a challenge. Here are some guidelines for creating a stand out resume.

Content is key

Your student’s resume should speak to not just their skills and experience, but also the quality of their work. When they present a well-written resume, they send a message that they care about the fine details. They also present themself as someone who communicates well — something that’s valuable in jobs as varied as research, customer service, sales and tech support.

Make sure it’s current

Your student’s resume should be a professional, up-to-date presentation of themselves. Whether writing their resume themself or using a resume writing service, their resume should reflect recent formatting and hiring trends. Make sure that your student’s resume leans into the latest expectations and jargon of hiring managers and job recruiters. Due to the high number of resumes received for job and internship listings, in many cases the first 'reader' of a resume will be a computer.

Make it look professional

A professionally written resume will be properly structured and formatted. Working with a professional resume writer is one way your student can count on their resume looking professional. They can also search for resume templates online. A professional presentation is important when hiring managers spend an average of less than 10 seconds looking at each resume. They don’t want to provide that speed-reading HR person any reason to set their resume aside — and an unprofessional format can be one of the key reasons that causes them to be overlooked.

Bonus tip — get free professional help with your resume by using the Resume Builder app