Helping your student choose their summer break adventure


While it’s tempting for your student to throw their responsibilities to the wind and lay on the couch binge watching Netflix when summer break comes around, there are some other options that may be more rewarding. These ideas will help your student make the most of their free time by working toward their future while still having some summer fun as well. 

Get in with the in(ternship) crowd

Encourage your student to dip their toes in their future career by applying for an internship. They’ll learn a ton about what it’s like to be a part of a company. Plus, it’s a great way for them to gain confidence and meaningful connections for their future. Applying what they’ve learned in college is also rewarding and can help them stay motivated to continue doing well in school.

Pursue a passion

If your student has been toying with the idea of starting a business, blog or side hustle, summer is the perfect time for them to dive in. Or if they’re not ready to be on Shark Tank, they can spend part of their break preparing for future success by creating or cleaning up their resume, building their online portfolio, or working on their interview skills.

School’s (still) in session

It may be the last thing on your student’s mind, but they could take a class or two over the summer. If they’re near campus, encourage them to sign up for a summer class and sneak in a few credits to lighten their load for next year.

Give back

Your student can find a cause they care about and spend time volunteering. They’ll feel good doing good, and volunteer experiences often lead to new connections and valuable life and work skills — definitely worth it.

Hit the road

If your student has the ability to travel, they should take advantage of it. Whether they’re studying abroad, traveling with friends or going on a road trip, trying something new is a great way to spend their vacation and broaden their perspective of the world.

Family bonding

They might be interested in spending some time with family over the summer, whether it’s immediate family or long-lost cousins.