Why to consider graduate school


Industry standard or necessity

Some fields actually require an advanced degree not just to compete in the job market, but to qualify for a position. If your student is studying to enter the field of teaching, health care, law or social work, they should be prepared to complete graduate school. 

Career focus

Students may become passionate about new interests later in their undergraduate studies and want to explore those interests even though they decided not to change majors, double major or pick up a minor. By leveraging the solid foundation of their undergraduate degree, graduate school can provide the skills and knowledge needed for a pathway to a passion-filled career. 

Promotion or growth in current field

If the desire for professional growth has your student considering graduate school a year or so after finishing undergraduate coursework, they are not alone. Many working professionals decide to continue their education or return to school after a short break to better compete and advance in the workplace. A graduate degree can lead to a promotion, increased job satisfaction and a higher salary.  

Continue learning

For some, intellectual curiosity is what drives them. If your student is a lifelong learner, graduate school is definitely an option for them. Graduate school provides students with the opportunity to research their passions and work alongside colleagues who share the same or similar interests and level of inquiry. 

Get ready to change the world!