Are you WUE eligible?


Western Undergraduate Exchange, WUE for short, offers savings on college tuition to out-of-state students of western states who enroll in certain programs. That’s right — reduced tuition. Residents of these states pay about 150 percent of the in-state tuition rate (not including fees), making college more affordable. Here’s what you should know when considering the WUE program. 

Admission and requirements

First, find out if the schools on your student’s list offer WUE tuition discounts. Here’s a list of WUE schools, but also double-check on the university’s website. You’ll want to confirm that your student is a resident of a participating state, seeking admission to a participating college and major, and meets admission requirements for both the college or university and program of study in which they wish to enroll. 

WUE admission requirements may differ from general admission requirements. Be sure to confirm all program requirements directly with your student’s WUE school. 

Also, consider looking into schools that offer WUE programs even if they weren’t on your student’s original list. Apply to each school directly (unless using the Common App) and be aware of any WUE-specific application deadlines that may apply.


Some universities might restrict WUE tuition to certain programs of study. Search WUE schools and eligible majors by university name, major, city or state.

If WUE tuition is restricted to only specific majors, students must maintain enrollment in a WUE-eligible major to be eligible for the discounted WUE tuition rate. Students who change majors to a non-WUE major or program will be charged full out-of-state tuition. Individual schools will be able to share specific details regarding the effects of changing majors.

Maintaining eligibility

To receive the WUE discount, students must remain in good academic standing. Some schools also require a minimum number of credit hours per semester. Each participating school will outline their specific academic requirements for maintaining WUE eligibility.

Students cannot apply time enrolled through WUE toward building in-state residency for tuition purposes.

All eligible students can receive WUE-discounted tuition regardless of financial need. However, schools may limit the number of WUE awards they offer, so apply early. Contact the school with any additional questions or concerns about the WUE program.