Get money for college


One of the biggest factors in the college decision-making process is having to pay for it all. Between tuition, fees, housing and books, it’s important to budget for everything. First things first — be sure your student completes the FAFSA. They might also consider the possibility of getting a part-time job to take care of extra expenses and “fun money.” They should also apply for at least a few scholarships. Since you can’t apply for too many scholarships, here’s a search tip to increase your student’s chances of getting awarded.

How to find scholarships

Use Fastweb. It stands for Financial Aid Search Through the Web. Fastweb is a helpful website that aggregates all types of scholarships in their database. After creating a profile, Fastweb will show your student the scholarships they are eligible for. Your student should check back often because scholarships are updated daily.

What kinds of scholarships are available?

All different kinds. Check out this scholarship directory

Here are some category examples:

Scholarships by major

Scholarships for veterans

Scholarships by state

Scholarships for African American students

Scholarships for Hispanic students

Not all scholarships are big

True, most scholarships aren’t going to give your student a full ride, but if your student applies for all the awards they’re eligible to receive, they may find that the money adds up quickly. $500 here, $1,000 there — before they know it, they can have a good chunk of their college expenses paid for. It really is worth the time it takes to apply for scholarships. 

And for a scholarship opportunity that doesn’t require an essay, make sure they check out Niche.

Good luck!