Preparing for college

Being prepared is a huge key to success. In many cases, preparing for college is a family effort. We're equipped to help you prepare your student to succeed in college. From test-taking to college tours, housing and everything in between, we can help your family and student get ready for college life.


Virtual classrooms

Steps to digital learning success

As many colleges and universities move to digital formats, we offer tips for your student to succeed in their remote classes.


Let’s go digital

Chemistry majors

Jobs for chemistry majors

Explore some of the most common chemistry-related college majors and the career paths your student could pursue.


Science rocks

Gap year

Taking a college gap year

So your student wants to take a gap year — here’s the inside scoop on what that’s all about, and how it can benefit your student.


Plan a gap year


Yes, mentoring is still a thing

Here’s why it’s a good idea for your student to find a mentor in high school and college.


How to mentor up

Benefits of diversity

The benefits of a global college education

Holly Singh, executive director of the International Students and Scholars Center at ASU, shares his thoughts about being successful global citizens.

Think globally

College viewbooks

The view on college viewbooks

All those viewbooks your student gets in the mail may look the same at first glance, but knowing how to read between the lines can make all the difference in choosing the right college.


Here's what to look for

Jobs for art majors

Jobs for art majors

There are a wide variety of potential career paths for students majoring in art. Getting a degree in art will help expand their career options and sharpen their artistic skills and critical thinking.


Creative careers for art majors

College after COVID-19

What will college look like in the fall (and beyond)?

Listen to a group of esteemed university leaders answer some questions about what we might expect for the fall 2020 semester.

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Jobs for engineering majors

Jobs for engineering majors

The field of engineering includes a wide range of possible careers. See some of the many possibilities for future engineers.

Explore engineering

Making a college decision in a virtual world

How to make a real college decision in a virtual world

Find out how colleges are making information and visit experiences accessible during this uncertain time.

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Letter of recommendation

Letter of recommendation template for college admission application

Learn about letters of recommendation for college, and how your student can ask for them.

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College signing day

How to celebrate your college-bound student virtually during College Signing Day

Each year, College Signing Day is a big celebration of students who choose to go to college. That doesn’t have to change in 2020.

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Benefits of Advanced Placement tests

The advantages of taking AP classes and exams

Learn some reasons why your student should consider taking AP classes and exams. 

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College recruitment and admission

College Admissions and Recruitment

Recruitment and admission from the university perspective. How to make it less stressful by focusing on what's important for your family.


Jobs for business majors

Jobs for business majors

If your student wants to major in business, that’s just the first step. Next, they’ll need to narrow down which of the many areas of business they want to focus on.

Get down to business

Campus housing

What to know about housing and dorm move in

We’ve got some advice on university housing, from finding a roommate to what students should bring with them to the dorms.

What to bring

Choosing a major

3 Ways to Search for a College Major

Some students have known what they want to study in college since middle school while others may need some guidance turning passions into a career.

How to search

How to handle rejection from a college

How to handle rejection from a college

Rejection hurts, and a rejection from any college can be a particularly difficult blow. Here are some ways to get through it.

How to process

Military and college

How to talk to your military-bound kid about going to college

Learn how to talk about college after military service, and how to find the best university for a student veteran

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What to ask your high school counselor

Here’s what your student should ask their high school counselor before the end of the semester

Your student's  high school guidance counselor can help make their college search and application process much easier. 

What to ask

Ivy League vs. Public Universities

Does an Ivy League education really make a difference

Is attending an Ivy League school all about the prestige, or do they truly offer an unmatched education experience? What’s the fuss all about? 

What's the fuss?

Financial aid notification (FAN)

Understanding your Financial Aid Notification

Everything you and your student need to know in order to compare university financial aid packages and how to make an informed choice.

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College Campus tours

Visiting colleges over spring break

Maximize spring break. It’s the perfect time to tour college campuses.


Time to plan

Getting involved

Why getting involved in high school matters

Find out the real benefits of participating in extracurricular activities in high school.


Why participate?

You can go to college

Your student can go to college

College is within your student’s reach. By preparing now and learning what’s involved, you and your student can make it happen.

College is possible

College preparation checklist

The College Bound Student: A Preparation Timeline

Tips and resources for preparing for and applying to college, from junior high through high school.

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Western Undergraduate Exchange

Why WUE and what you should know

The Western Undergraduate Exchange is an option to make out-of-state tuition more affordable. Find out all about it.

Can WUE save you money?

Winter break to do list

Your student’s winter break to-do list

A winter break to-do list for your student — with a giving theme.


What to do

College savings plan

Why you need a 529 plan if you are saving for your student's college education

A 529 plan is a tax-advantaged savings account. 529 accounts offer more flexibility than other types of education savings accounts.

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College visit

What to do and ask during a college visit

Get the most out of your college visits. Here’s what to see, ask and do.


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What you should know about the SAT and ACT

What your student should know about taking the SAT or ACT

Which test to take, what to expect on test day and the registration process.


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Application checklist

Use this checklist before your student submits their college application

We put together this handy application checklist as your student prepares and submits their college admission app.

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College recruitment buzzwords

Terminology used in college recruitment

Many universities say the same things to attract prospective students, so how can families differentiate one school from another? Here’s what to look for.

Real talk

Campus diversity

One big mosaic: Diversity on college campuses

A diverse college campus means students have a range of countries of origin, cultural and ethnic identities, religious beliefs, income levels and political affiliations.

Why diversity is valuable

Preparing for the SAT

How your student can prepare for the SAT and ACT

Share these four steps to help your student make the most of their SAT or ACT test prep.


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College acceptance letter

Being admitted to college

Cesar Flores Marquez, talks about the touchpoints universities will have with a student and next steps for being prepared to go to college.

Now what?

Student productivity

How your student can become more productive

Let’s explore the science of productivity with AsapSCIENCE.

Increase productivity

Student success

Helping your student think their way to success

When it comes to personal growth, knowing that they can improve is key to student success.

Success ahead

Time management

How to help your student improve their time management skills

Avoiding common pitfalls to improve time management skills.

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Studying abroad

Why your student should consider studying abroad

Studying abroad is an amazing experience. It’s a great way for your student to see the world and experience new cultures.

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First semester of college

What your student should do to prepare for their first semester of college

This seven-item action plan will help your student be as prepared as possible for their college adventure.

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Prestigious universities and success

University choice and success

Where do university choice and success meet? Are highly selective or expensive colleges right for everyone?

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Setting goals

Ready, set, goal!

Discover how to help your student achieve their goals. We’ll help you simplify the process.

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Applying to college

Tips for applying to college

Our college application process checklist is your simplified guide to getting into college.


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Picking a college

How to help your student pick a college

It can be difficult to figure out which college is the best choice for everyone involved, but the selection process doesn’t have to be overwhelming.

Here's what you should do

Living on campus

Should my student live on campus?

Students and their families often have questions about on-campus housing. Here are a few insights to help you and your student make the best housing decision.

What are the benefits?

College rankings

College rankings

How do colleges differentiate themselves and highlight their strengths?


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Dealing with anxiety

How to deal with anxiety when your child goes to college

It’s not uncommon at all to feel sad or anxious when your child leaves for college. Here’s how to approach this change.


Going to College

Going to College 101

Learn the who, what, when and how of helping your student get into college. 


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Choosing a college

Does prestige really matter when choosing a college?

Is attending an Ivy League school all about the prestige or do they truly offer an unmatched educational experience?

What matters most

In State or Out of State

In state or out of state

Should your student go to college out of state or in state? Consider the pros and cons of each option.

Let's talk location

What to do in Arizona

Top 10 Things to do in Arizona during your college visit

Arizona is, well, amazing. Big cities and small towns, snow and sun, history and natural wonders, adventure and relaxation — whatever you like, you’ll find it here.

What’s on the list?

College mail

Say what? Interpreting college communications

During your students college search, they might end up with more mail than they know what to do with. It’s important to colleges that students, parents and families understand who they are and what they can offer.

What does it all mean

College Rankings

Do college rankings really matter?

Rankings and lists can help students and families narrow their college search. It's important to find the right fit. 

Do they?

Picking a college major

Helping your student pick a college major

Choosing a college major might be one of the biggest commitments a high school student has ever been asked to make. Let's talk about how you can help.

How to choose

Discover your dream job

The truth about picking a major

The truth is many students change their major while in school. In fact, changing majors can benefit the student and lead to more success and less stress.

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Planning for college

When should a family start planning for college?

As a family, you’ll have lots of decisions to make before your student starts college — just take them one at a time.

Common questions

College buzzwords

Learning the lingo: college buzzwords

Higher ed lingo — yes, it's a thing. We've got you covered. Here you can review some of the most-used college buzzwords and what they mean.

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Study Habits

Supporting good study habits

Having a game plan makes all the difference when it comes to supporting good study habits.

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Taking the SAT or ACT

When should your student take the ACT or SAT?

As part of the admission process, many universities require your student to take the SAT or ACT to be admitted. Knowing when to take the test is important.

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College admission

The college admission decision: What happens next

Although it’s rewarding, applying to college can also be a time-consuming and intimidating process. After all the hard work, what happens when your student receives an admission decision.

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