The truth about picking a major


The truth is many students change their major while in school. In fact, changing majors can benefit the student and lead to more success and less stress. 

After starting out in a major she realized wasn’t right for her, ASU graduate Ranna Ardebili sought help in carving out an academic path that better fit her interests. Watch her share her major journey.


The truth about picking a major

Ah, I've grown so much since the freshman days at ASU.

I started with bioengineering, and I realized as I started studying it a year and a half in, I wasn't as passionate about it as I thought I was.

You're almost afraid to change majors.

I wasn't comfortable with it and ended up walking into an advisor's office in tears, kind of being like, what do I do?

There are so many people and resources at ASU that can help you with anything, so I felt lucky because I was in good hands.

I found opportunity in molecular biosciences and biotechnology.

I got an opportunity to work with Mayo Clinic, and it made me realize that I don't have to just do one thing. I can pursue a career that involves a variety of things that excite me.

ASU allowed me to challenge myself with courses, but also get involved in so many different social activities or clubs. 

A lot of the excitement and desire to want to continue to grow actually started by being around a lot of students that are pretty cool.

There is this excitement to want to continue to make a bigger impact on the world around you.

Now I'm actually on a new venture. 

As a pharmacist, I'll be joining a startup company that's working to help fight against the opioid epidemic. 

My experiences at ASU have reminded me that I can do anything, and that's the most exciting thing — to know that I am on an adventure that is continuously changing.