Housing and dining at ASU

One of the most exciting things about college is the transition to life on your own and gaining a sense of independence. ASU wants to set you up for success from the very start.

A fully-immersive living experience

As a first-year freshman, you’ll live on the campus where your major is housed in a residential college community. Our living and learning communities are organized by major, so your future roommate and neighbors will also be your classmates. You’ll have access to tutoring, advising, events, staff and other academic resources all right there in the comfort of your new home.


My first year in the dorms I was kind of nervous I wouldn't really get to know anyone, but once I opened up a little the students here took me the rest of the way. The people here are not only kind but also smart, helpful and just plain fun to be around. If you need some help on your homework or someone to go to the gym with, there is someone at ASU that will bend their efforts to help you.

Anthony G. Graphic Information Technology major from Harding, New Jersey

Frequently asked questions about housing and dining

What is the ASU housing payment deadline?

ASU housing deadlines can vary by your student level and payment plan options.

What are the best dorms at ASU?

It’s hard to say which dorms on the ASU campuses are the best — It’s really a matter of opinion. But we can say that all ASU residence halls are equipped with Wi-Fi, cable, utilities and laundry facilities; all are furnished with a bed, desk and chair; and all have community recreation and study areas. We’re confident that you’ll find a comfortable and enjoyable living experience at any ASU residence hall.

Can I get healthy food on campus?

Absolutely. All ASU dining halls offer many nutritious food choices, including vegetarian and vegan options. Campus markets also offer a variety of good choices that you can grab on the go, and most of the restaurants on campus also offer something for the health-conscious. You can also contact an ASU nutritionist for any questions you might have about healthy food at ASU.

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