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ASU is home to top professors from all over the world. The university places high on coveted rankings lists, and produces students who earn prestigious scholarships.

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We understand no two students are alike. At ASU, you can customize the experiences you have, the way you learn and where you learn. Find out what's right for you with these quizzes designed to help you find your fit.

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ASUs career services get you career-ready with job fairs, intern workshops, resume review and more. And nearly nine out of 10 ASU graduates looking for a job receive at least one offer within 90 days of graduation.

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No matter who you are, where you come from, or what your story is, you’ll find a friendly, welcoming community at ASU. That’s who we are — an institution that measures itself not by whom we exclude, but by whom we include and how they succeed.

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Satisfy your appetite for knowledge with live-hosted virtual sessions to help you explore your interests and career paths to prepare for college.

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ASU offers more than 350 programs to choose from. If you’re not sure which one fits you best, try our major and career quiz.

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It’s never too early to start preparing for ASU. Begin by taking a few first-year ASU classes online, earn micro-scholarships or participate in a summer program at ASU.

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Frequently asked questions about becoming a first-year student at ASU

How do I decide which college is right for me?

You can decide if a college is right for you by learning as much about it as possible. Take a tour of campus, talk to students who go there, read the viewbook and check out the website. And make sure the college has the program you’re interested in studying.

When should I apply for college?

Once you decide you are interested in a particular college, you should apply for admission as soon as possible. ASU's priority admission date is Nov. 1 and the regular admission date is Feb. 1. Click here for other important dates and deadlines.

What is the best college to go to?

The best college to go to varies by student. To be successful, it’s important to find the right fit for you. Does the college have the programs you’re interested in? The support services you desire? What kind of financial aid does it offer? Be sure to visit the campus before making a decision to see if you can picture yourself going there.

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