Admission for
homeschool students

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Arizona State University welcomes homeschool students and recognizes the unique academic experiences these students contribute to our rich, scholarly environment. We have a growing community of home-educated students who thrive at ASU.

We understand that your academic background differs from students who attended traditional public, private or charter schools. As a homeschool student, you can easily fill out the application and then include additional information to accurately demonstrate your accomplishments.

Admission requirements

As a homeschool student, you must meet the general requirements for ASU admission, including specific documentation with your application to confirm your completion of the requirements.

Competency requirements

Per Arizona Board of Regents policy, laboratory sciences must include one class period per week in a laboratory environment and students must complete the Evaluation of Laboratory Science Courses form as part of the application process. Please email your completed Evaluation of Laboratory Science Courses form to ASU's homeschool representative.

Aptitude requirements

When you submit your ACT or SAT scores and apply to ASU, you’ll also be automatically considered for one of ASU's New American University scholarships.

Graduation requirement

Upon completion of your secondary school education, complete the Affidavit of Completion of Secondary School Education. The affidavit must be completed by a parent or guardian and notarized.

Tips for admission

1. Complete your application

On the admission application , when ASU asks which high school you attended, enter your hometown name. Scroll down through the city options until you find "Home School" at the bottom.

2. Check My ASU

Your application will be reviewed once all admission items have been received. Make sure to check My ASU for any missing items you need to submit to complete your application.

3. Contact us

Have questions? Reach out to your admission representative while you’re filling out your application.


Admission to Barrett, The Honors College

Homeschool students who want to be considered for admission to Barrett, The Honors College are encouraged to submit a separate application — early application is strongly suggested. Please contact the Barrett admission staff for help with any questions about the college and application process.


Scholarship opportunities

Homeschool students will be considered for ASU scholarships upon admission. Explore scholarships and additional types of financial aid.

Frequently asked questions about homeschool student admission at ASU

Can I be admitted to ASU as a homeschool student?

Yes, ASU welcomes and values all our homeschool students and the special academic experiences they bring to the university. Homeschool students submit the same ASU admission application as students who went to public or private school.

Are homeschool student admission requirements the same as high school student admission requirements?

Yes, like public and private high school students, homeschool students must meet and demonstrate completion of ASU’s general requirements for university admission.

Can homeschool students apply for financial aid?

Yes, homeschool students are eligible to apply for and receive financial aid. You should submit the Free Application for Federal Student Aid  to see how much federal aid you may be eligible to receive. By submitting ACT or SAT scores, ASU will automatically consider you upon admission for a merit scholarship.

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