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Is your student going to college soon? It's a big step, right? There can be a lot to learn, but no worries. We'll help you sort it all out and get things done on time! We’re delighted you're here and happy to help.



Scholarship tips

6 easy scholarship tips

Discover some of our best scholarship tips — when to search for them, how to keep them and more.

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How to submit your FAFSA

Submitting your FAFSA

Filling out and submitting the FAFSA is easy — if you’re prepared. Find out what you need to have at the ready to make it a quicker process.

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How to begin a college search

How to begin a college search

Choosing the right college is hard, especially if your student doesn’t know where to start. We can help them take the first steps.

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Financial aid

What you should know about financial aid

Review these common terms used by college financial aid offices when figuring out how to pay for college.

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How to take notes in college

How to take notes in college

Share these tips with your student on how to become a noteworthy note-taker.

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Choosing a minor in college

How to pick a minor

Your student is probably in the process of choosing their major, if they haven’t already. But have they considered earning a minor, too?

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Your college packing list

Your packing list for college

Figuring out what to pack for college is always a challenge. That’s why we’re sharing our essential packing list so your student is fully prepared.

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What to study in college

Exploring what to study

Your student may be struggling to pick a major that’s right for them. You can help them weigh the choices to find their perfect fit.

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