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Is your student going to college soon? It's a big step, right? There can be a lot to learn, but no worries. We'll help you sort it all out and get things done on time! We’re delighted you're here and happy to help.



Top financial aid questions and answers

Top financial aid questions and answers

Financial aid can be a tough road to navigate, but we’ve got answers to some of the most-asked financial aid questions.

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Computer science majors

Jobs for computer science majors

Computer science as a major opens the doors to a lot of different jobs. Discover what your student can do with a computer science degree.

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Political science major

Jobs for political science majors

A political science degree can take your student many places. Find out what career fields they can enter with one.

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Getting into top college

How to help your student get into their top college

College applications can seem like they are never ending. Here are some tips for supporting your student through the process.

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Visiting college campuses

How to visit colleges in 2021

College tour formats and options have changed, but your student can — and should — still take a campus tour.

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What you should know about college

What you should know about college

Your student will learn a lot in college. But they also have a lot to learn before they go to college. Find out what they need to know.

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Tracking College Achievements

Tracking achievements for college

Is your student tracking all their high school achievements? They should be. But if they’re not, we’ll help you show them how.

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Using the FAFSA app is easy

Your student should fill out the Free Application for Federal Student Aid. Check out the FAFSA app to see how easy it can be.

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