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Is your student going to college soon? It's a big step, right? There can be a lot to learn, but no worries. We'll help you sort it all out and get things done on time! We’re delighted you're here and happy to help.



Choosing a major

3 Ways to Search for a College Major

Some students have known what they want to study in college since middle school while others may need some guidance turning passions into a career. Here’s how to search for a college major.

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How to handle rejection from a college

How to handle rejection from a college

Rejection hurts, and a rejection from any college can be a particularly difficult blow. Here are some ways to get through it.

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Military and college

How to talk to your military-bound kid about going to college

Learn how to talk about college after military service, and how to find the best university for a student veteran

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Ivy League vs. Public Universities

Does an Ivy League education really make a difference

What’s the Ivy League fuss all about? Find out.


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College Campus tours

Visiting colleges over spring break

Maximize spring break. It’s the perfect time to tour college campuses.


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What to ask your high school counselor

Here’s what your student should ask their high school counselor before the end of the semester

Your student has a secret resource that can make their college search and application process much easier. And that resource is hidden in plain sight — their high school guidance counselor.

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Financial aid notification (FAN)

Understanding your Financial Aid Notification

Everything you and your student need to know in order to compare university financial aid packages and how to make an informed choice.

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After school job

Working while in high school (to help pay for college)

Why it’s probably a good idea for your student to get an after school job.


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