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Welcome, Maricopa Community College students

Transferring from the Maricopa County Community College District to Arizona State University can be a smooth process when planned. As a Maricopa student, you have a couple of ways to earn your bachelor’s degree at ASU. Find what works best for you and we'll help you plan your path.

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MAPP MyPath2ASU™ helps you plan and complete prescribed coursework designed for a smooth transition to ASU to earn your bachelor's degree.

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MAPP MyPath2ASU™ majors

These ASU degree programs are available through the MAPP MyPath2ASU™ and are options for all Maricopa Community Colleges, though course offerings vary by Maricopa location. Search by campus, area of interest, keyword, or ASU college or school, or show all available MAPP MyPath2ASU™.

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Step 01

MAPP MyPath2ASU™ sign-up

Enter your Maricopa Enterprise ID (MEID) credentials and click Login to get started. By signing up for MAPP MyPath2ASU™, you’ll create a personalized transfer map that includes prescribed coursework to help you maximize your transfer credit and save you time and money. Plus, you'll receive direct access to ASU transfer tools.

Step 02

Create a MAPP MyPath2ASU™

Identify your current transfer institution, complete your profile and choose from more than 300 on-campus and online pathways. Designing a MAPP MyPath2ASU™ helps you navigate course applicability by identifying which community college courses to take for your ASU major. Your transfer experience will be fully connected to ASU and your Maricopa Community College all through one platform.

Step 03

Track your progress

Once you complete the MAPP MyPath2ASU™ sign-up, check your email for instructions on how to activate your ASURITE User ID. Log in to My ASU with your new ASURITE User ID and access the ASU Pathway Tracker. The ASU Pathway Tracker helps track your coursework, and your degree progress will automatically update as you complete and enroll in new courses.

Step 04

Apply to ASU

Prepare to transfer to ASU. Meet with ASU transfer coordinators for pre-enrollment services and attend special ASU events. Apply to ASU one year before completing your MAPP MyPath2ASU™.

If you still have questions about how to sign up for a MAPP MyPath2ASU™, attend our virtual workshop.

We'll navigate the MAPP MyPath2ASU™ transfer experience, and you can ask questions, and start your seamless college journey to ASU while still at your Maricopa community college.

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MAPP MyPath2ASU™ benefits

MAPP MyPath2ASU™ is your suite of customized self-service transfer tools.

Earn guaranteed general admission to ASU and to your MAPP MyPath2ASU™ major of choice if all requirements are satisfied. (Some majors have additional or higher admission requirements.)

Save time and money by planning your path to degree completion.

Select classes through customized course-by-course pathways to minimize loss of credit.

Fully connect your academic progress to ASU by gaining direct access to self service transfer tools that provide information about course applicability and degree progress tracking.

Connect with transfer student ambassadors and ASU transfer coordinators, access pre-enrollment services, and receive invitations to special ASU events.

Prepare academically with personalized communication for your major of choice.

MAPP MyPath2ASU™ tools and resources

Pathway Tracker

Track progress toward completion of your MAPP MyPath2ASU™ through the Pathway Tracker. See how courses taken fulfill pathway requirements. From My ASU, click on Pathway Tracker.

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After signing up for a MAPP MyPath2ASU™, follow the Maricopa to ASU Pathways Program link from to access My ASU, and view individualized transfer and university information that will assist in your smooth transition to ASU.

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Transfer Guide

Learn how credits from other colleges and universities that you have attended will transfer to ASU. Search for ASU course equivalencies or request a transfer course evaluation.

More about the Transfer Guide

ASU career services

As a MAPP MyPath2ASU™ student, you'll have access ASU Career and Professional Development Services, career advising, career assessment and job search tools. You will need your ASURITE UserID and password to access services. Note that some services have fees.

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AAS to BAS: Bachelor of Applied Science

Bachelor of Applied Science degrees are designed specifically for students who have earned an Associate of Applied Science.

  • Students who have earned an AAS from a regionally accredited institution may transfer 60 credit hours toward their BAS.

  • Students who have earned an AAS degree from a regionally accredited Arizona community college may be eligible to transfer up to 75 credits toward their BAS.

Plan to meet with an academic advisor to ensure your courses will meet degree requirements.

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