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International partnership programs

International partnerships

ASU has set up agreements with leading partner universities to offer specified program options to highly qualified students that empower them to complete a degree from their home university while earning a master’s degree from ASU at an accelerated pace.



Available degree programs are specified in the agreement between ASU and the partner university. Before applying to a program, students should first consult with their home university’s International Office advisor to obtain requirements and eligible program information.


Student eligibility

Students must meet the requirements of both their home university and ASU. Students applying to an ASU undergraduate program as a transfer student, must meet the admission criteria for that program, including English proficiency requirements.

To qualify for a master’s program at ASU, students will need proof of the required previous courses and degree earned; a minimum grade point average (GPA) of 3.0 on a scale of 4 points; and a qualifying English proficiency test score. Some programs have a higher GPA requirement. Please discuss the GPA requirements with an academic advisor.

ASU has a variety of agreements with partner universities. Students should contact the International Office at their home university to learn what partner degree program options are available to them.


Instructions for applying

Read the steps in the application process to prepare for what is needed to submit your application and then complete the application. Make sure you have talked with your home institution and/or an ASU advisor to ensure you are applying for the correct program and location for your partnership.


  Please contact your home institution prior to submitting your application to ensure you apply for the correct program and location.

Undergraduate application

Students applying to a partnership program format that includes taking undergraduate coursework at ASU (3+1+1, 4+1+2, or 3.5+0.5+1) should submit an undergraduate application for admission. Students in one of these formats will also be required to submit a graduate application for admission for the term after the completion of the bachelor program. Your ASU advisor can assist you with the application process and timing of when you should submit your graduate application as well as the correct program that is paired with the undergraduate program you are pursuing.

Apply as undergraduate

Graduate application

Students applying to a partnership program format that begins at the graduate level at ASU (1+1 or 2+1) should only submit a graduate application for admission.

Apply as graduate


Students who applied to a partnership program format that includes taking undergraduate coursework at ASU (3+1+1, 4+1+2, or 3.5+0.5+1) and who are now ready to transition to a graduate program at ASU should complete the following:

Once you have successfully completed the undergraduate semesters at ASU, do the following:


1. Provide home institution with an official ASU transcript

It is important to provide the home institution with an official ASU transcript. This allows the undergraduate degree to be awarded. Request official transcripts through My ASU.

2. Provide a final official undergraduate transcript to ASU

You must provide transcripts, degree certificate and/or diploma, from your home institution to ASU. Transcripts must include a version in the primary language of the university, and a version translated to English (if English is not the university’s primary language). For questions about submitting transcripts, please visit our transcripts page.

3. Complete the graduate Financial Guarantee Form and proof of funding

Once ASU has received the final official transcripts, degree certificate and/or diploma, Financial Guarantee Form and proof of funding, you will be issued a new I-20 for your graduate program. Failure to provide ASU with these documents could cause a delay in studies.International Student and Scholars Center will issue your I-20. They can be contacted at


   Important: In all cases, students must be in good academic standing such as a minimum GPA of 3.0, to continue to the graduate portion of the accelerated degree program.

Frequently asked questions

Click on the "Programs" tab on this page and then click on the college's name to be directed to the department website. For specific program questions, please contact the department directly

The application deadline is May 1 for the Fall semester. All applications and all supporting documents must be completed no later than May 1. Students will receive notification of admittance within 3-5 days of receiving an offer of admission. Students can also review their application status on My ASU.

Students with dual citizenship may apply to a program. Be sure to indicate your country of citizenship on the application when applying. If the U.S. is one of your countries of citizenship, please include that on the application of admission. A form I20 will not be issued for those with U.S. citizenship but a valid passport will be required for travel to the U.S.

No. Partnership programs are offered only in the Fall semester.

If a graduate program lists GRE or GMAT as a requirement for admission, the academic department in which the program resides can determine if a waiver will be issued.

Contact Admission Services Monday 8am-4pm or Tuesday-Friday 8am-5pm Arizona time 480-965-7788. Or refer to the contact details on this site for the academic program. Additional contact information can be found at

The application payment screen is a secured site and a Virtual Private Network (VPN) is not needed. For students who use a VPN, the VPN must be open prior to starting the application.

Official transcripts provide proof of the previous coursework or degree required for your program for admission. Official transcripts must include a version in the primary language of the university and a version translated to English (if English is not the university’s primary language). Please visit for more detailed information on sending transcripts.

This can happen to students who select submit and pay later option.  If the application is submitted prior to making payment, there will be a link on MyASU under the priority tasks to pay the fee. Your application will not move forward for review until payment is received.

Admitted students will receive an admission letter within 3-5 business days after admission.

After admission, there will be an I20 tracker on MyASU with document requirements that should be uploaded in order to receive a form I20 from ASU. 

Please review the immigration steps web page or contact

The undergraduate financial guarantee form is at this link and on MyASU priority tasks and I20 tracker. (

Once you are admitted to your program, you will receive an email with housing information. You may also review options on the ASU Housing website.

After arriving at ASU, students will participate in various orientations. There are orientations specific for both undergraduate and graduate international students scheduled in August. Academic units often schedule orientations as well, some of which are mandatory. Please watch your ASU email account and your MyASU account for notifications regarding orientations or reach out to an academic advisor in your department.

Please read all emails from your academic unit. If you have questions regarding your specific program or registering for courses, please contact an academic advisor from your program.

To remain in compliance with F1 visa regulations, undergraduate students must enroll in a minimum of 12 credit hours each semester at ASU.  In addition, students must maintain a minimum 3.0 GPA at ASU to qualify for the graduate segment of the partnership program. Some ASU programs have a higher GPA requirement. Please discuss the specific program requirements with your academic advisor.

While at ASU, students are required to maintain a 3.0 GPA or higher to progress to the next semester of their program. Some programs have a higher GPA requirement. Please discuss the GPA requirements with an academic advisor. In addition, graduate students must receive a "C" or above on all work included in the Plan of Study (POS).

You will include contact information for your recommenders when you complete the graduate application for admission. Your recommenders will then be sent an email with information on completing and submitting the recommendation.

For information on maintaining visa status for graduate programs visit International Students and Scholars Center or contact

For graduate students - review International Students and Scholars Center for information on the financial guarantee. You may also contact the ISSC or schedule an appointment. ISSC contact page

Contact us

Application questions

Contact the academic department at ASU where your desired degree program resides.

Undergraduate student I-20's

Graduate student I-20's


Please contact the International Office at your home institution.

New partnerships

If you are faculty or staff from ASU or another university and have questions about new partnerships, please contact