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How do we submit the FAFSA? What if my student doesn’t know what they want to study? Are college rankings really that important? We’re answering these and all your family's questions about going to college in these short (and sweet), animated videos.



The student transition

The transition from high school to college can be overwhelming for some students. But with some simple preparation, making the jump can be a lot easier for your student. This video offers four…

College visits

Visiting colleges is one of the most important things your student can do to help them make their college decision. We’ll show you how to make the most of a college visit.

Choosing a college

Six factors to help you feel confident that you’re picking the right college for you.

How to submit your FAFSA

Filling out and submitting the FAFSA is easy — if you’re prepared. Find out what you need to have at the ready to make it a quicker process.

Financial aid

Review these common terms used by college financial aid offices when figuring out how to pay for college.

What to study in college

Your student may be struggling to pick a major that’s right for them. You can help them weigh the choices to find their perfect fit.

Benefits of diversity

Holly Singh, executive director of the International Students and Scholars Center at ASU, shares his thoughts about being successful global citizens.

How to handle rejection from a college

Rejection hurts, and a rejection from any college can be a particularly difficult blow. Here are some ways to get through it.

Ivy League vs. Public Universities

Is attending an Ivy League school all about the prestige, or do they truly offer an unmatched education experience? What’s the fuss all about? 

You can go to college

College is within your student’s reach. By preparing now and learning what’s involved, you and your student can make it happen.

College recruitment buzzwords

Many universities say the same things to attract prospective students, so how can families differentiate one school from another? Here’s what to look for.

College acceptance letter

Cesar Flores Marquez, talks about the touchpoints universities will have with a student and next steps for being prepared to go to college.

College rankings

How do colleges differentiate themselves and highlight their strengths?


Discover your dream job

The truth is many students change their major while in school. In fact, changing majors can benefit the student and lead to more success and less stress.