Pathway programs

What is a pathway?

Everyone's path to earning a bachelor's degree is different. While you may not be admissible now, we have developed pathways to help you earn a bachelor's degree from Arizona State University in the future.

Option 1: Start now by taking classes online

You can pursue admission into the University by successfully completing a series of online courses that count toward your degree, known as Earned Admission. Once you successfully complete your courses with a 2.75 GPA or higher, you qualify for on-campus or online admission to ASU. This is an excellent way to see if college is right for you while earning academic credit along the way.

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Option 2: Begin at a community college and plan your transfer to ASU on a transfer pathway

ASU has partnerships to help you make a smooth transfer to the university by finding out which courses you need to take that will transfer to your ASU major. Signing up for a pathway program can save you time and money so that you don't take classes you won't need. When admission requirements are met, you'll have guaranteed acceptance to your ASU degree program.

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