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Transfer Admission Guarantee

Transfer simplified: Save time and money

Arizona State University is committed to serving all students in Arizona and providing accessible pathways to achieving their educational goals. The Transfer Admissions Guaranteed, or TAG, was created to assist students in planning their college course work to ensure a smooth transition to ASU.

As part of the program, while at a community college, students will receive guidance and have access tools to help plan their academic path to ASU. Our goal is to simplify the transfer process, give students the resources needed to have a positive transfer experience, and transfer the maximum number of credits that will apply to their ASU degree. Your first step is to build a Transfer Map, which will outline the courses you can complete prior to transfer. Then, sign up to participate in the Transfer Admission Guarantee.

Build a Transfer Map





Learn about TAG

TAG benefits

Students who sign up for the TAG can:

  • receive guaranteed admission to their desired ASU major once requirements are met
  • save time and money by taking the right courses in the right sequence
  • contact transfer specialists for guidance to stay on track
  • use the Transfer Guide

TAG agreement

By signing up for TAG, you are agreeing to the following terms: 

  • work with your community college advisor and ASU transfer specialist to make academic progress
  • understand and meet ASU admission requirements
  • complete the community college coursework and transfer to ASU within four years
  • agree that your academic data and advising information may be shared between your community college and ASU

How to sign up for TAG

  1. Build your Transfer Map. Visit the Transfer Guide to build your Transfer Map. Enter your desired ASU major and current college information to outline the courses you can complete prior to transferring.
  2. Create a Transfer Guide account. Next, create a Transfer Guide account so that you can save your Transfer Map and refer to it later.
  3. Complete the agreement form. After you receive an email confirming your account has been created, you will complete the Transfer Pathway Agreement form in the Transfer Guide. With this step, you will be eligible to receive the benefits of the program.
Stay connected to ASU. After completing the agreement form, you’ll receive another email confirmation. Watch for communications from ASU to keep you connected to the university as you complete your community college coursework. Continue referring to your Transfer Map to ensure you’re taking the right classes to transfer to your ASU degree.

Step-by-step guide

Transfer Guide: How-to PDF

Download the PDF

Transfer Guide: How-to video

TAG tools and resources

Transfer Guide

Learn how credits from other colleges and universities that you have attended will transfer to ASU. Search for ASU course equivalencies or request a transfer course evaluation.

Visit the Transfer Guide

ASU Career Services

As a TAG student, access ASU Career Services, career advising, career assessment and job search tools. You will need your ASURITE UserID and password to access services. Note that some services have fees.

Visit career services

Degree search

Explore ASU’s undergraduate majors led by expert faculty in highly ranked colleges and schools. Search ASU undergraduate programs for descriptions, major requirements, and career opportunities.

Explore degrees

Schedule a transfer appointment

Make an appointment with an ASU transfer specialist or college representative to learn more about studying at ASU. Schedule a half-hour appointment to get all your questions answered.

Schedule an appointment

student scheduling an appointment

Apply to ASU

Completing the TAG is one part of your transfer process. Begin your application for admission up to a year before you are ready to transfer. Make sure you have met all admissions requirements, and submit the application for admission, pay the application fee and send official college transcripts to ASU.

How and when to apply