Being admitted to college


Congratulations! You've been admitted into college, but um... now what? former Director of International Recruitment Operations at Arizona State University, Cesar Flores Marquez, talks about the touchpoint universities will have with a student and next steps for being prepared to go to college.

Being proactive is the key to being successful as a college student. Unlike high school, students need to act independently to submit documents on time and eventually register for classes. Remember to ask for help if you need it. Seriously! Colleges don't expect you to be an expert at going to college. If you feel like you are missing information or something doesn't make sense to you, reach out to your institution of choice and ask for help. Representatives are standing by and excited to help you start your next chapter off on the right foot.


What happens next after getting accepted into college?

There are more things to do after becoming admitted.

So, you got that letter? You're just getting started.

Don't think that that's the final step. You need to do a lot of things to get ready to come to class.

Every school will try to communicate with their students in multiple ways. You'll have not just one touchpoint, but several of them. You'll get a physical letter saying the good news. You'll probably receive emails with the news as well. You'll have access to a website that will give you the good news as well.

So, there are multiple ways for the university to reach out to their students, and I would say most of the universities and colleges will try to use them all.

Right after that, the student needs to be proactive finding what's next. The school's webpage will tell them step-by-step what they need to do next.

Um, on that letter, usually they also have instructions or a link that will tell them "okay, this page will tell you exactly what to do next so you can become a student. You can enroll in class." And the university will be helping you do that, but it's also important that you are proactive – that you look for what's next.

If you don't get the next steps, ask for them, right? All the colleges, all the universities are responsible for replying to their students, helping them go through that process.

We understand you are not an expert. This is probably the first time in most cases, right, that you've done time. Um, so, we understand that, and we will try to help you step-by-step until you get to your first day of class, and...

Once you get here, there will be plenty of people to help you get to the last day of class, right.