Tracking achievements for college


Your student will likely have a lot of achievements during their four years of high school. Things like earning awards and honors, keeping a good GPA, and participating in extracurricular activities.

These sorts of achievements are perfect for your student to highlight on their college applications, their resume and during job interviews. The trouble is, your student might have a lot of achievements, which can make it challenging to remember them all. Think about it, can you even remember what you had for breakfast yesterday? That’s why it’s important for your student to plan out their goals and track their achievements so they don’t forget any of them. 

Goal-setting might include increasing test scores in a certain subject, earning a particular award, getting a job or internship, or applying for a set number of scholarships. Tracking achievements might include logging their GPA, school activities, projects, awards, jobs and volunteer work.

There are many different ways your student can track their goals and achievements, and various tools to help them do it. One of them is our Achievement Tracker and Action Plan. It offers space for your student to record their goals and the steps they plan to take to reach them, as well as all of their achievements, including the particulars of each one. 

If your student adds all their information into the Achievement Tracker and Action Plan throughout high school, they’ll have a wealth of valuable information about themselves in one convenient place, making it that much easier for them to fill out their college applications and start building their resume.